Staff Spotlight: Justin George

Empowering New Yorkers through Financial Education and Counseling

In honor of Financial Capability Month, we proudly spotlight Justin George, NHSNYC’s HUD-Certified Financial Counselor and Default/Foreclosure Services Specialist. Mr. George’s journey with NHSNYC began in 2018 when he joined the team administering New York City’s Tenant Interim Lease Apartment Purchase Program (TIL), which empowers eligible tenant associations to develop low-income tenant-owned cooperatives in City-owned buildings.

When NHSNYC transitioned from administering the TIL program, Mr. George saw an opportunity to further his expertise and become a HUD-certified counselor. Since then, he has served as NHSNYC’s lead foreclosure and financial counselor, leveraging nearly 20 years of experience in accounting, tax preparation, and finance. He holds a bachelor’s degree in management with finance.

Mr. George’s passion for helping others and sharing his extensive knowledge shines through in his work every day. As a HUD-certified counselor, he plays a critical role in providing personalized financial counseling and foreclosure prevention assistance to individuals and families in need.

NHSNYC hosts free monthly virtual Financial Empowerment webinars, co-hosted by Justin George and a guest volunteer presenter with expertise in personal finance. Topics vary based on the session, but the yearly curriculum encompasses budgeting, debt management, savings, understanding and maintaining good credit, insurance, taxes, preparing for first-time home purchases, preventing foreclosure, retirement, and financial wellness. Following the general financial literacy sessions, clients can meet with Mr. George for individualized financial counseling to review their unique situations and address their specific needs, goals, or concerns.

When asked what he likes most about his work with clients, Mr. George shared how gratifying it is to know he is reaching people in need and seeing them benefit from applying the skills and strategies they learn through NHSNYC’s financial empowerment sessions and individualized counseling to improve their financial situations.

“Education is always a joy,” Mr. George shares. “If you have knowledge, it is not useful until you pass it on.” His dedication to empowering clients with the tools and resources to achieve financial stability is a testament to his commitment to paying it forward and making a positive impact in the community.

During Financial Capability Month and beyond, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to Justin George for his unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions to the mission of NHSNYC. His expertise and compassion continue to make a difference in the lives of those we serve, reinforcing the importance of education, financial literacy, and empowerment for all.

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