Through financial empowerment and affordable lending, NHSNYC enables individuals and families to invest in, preserve and improve their neighborhoods, their homes and their futures. Our ultimate goal is to support the realization of the best quality of life possible for each New Yorker, starting with a stable home.

Here’s how you can help us make our vision a reality, whether you are an individual, member of a volunteer group, or part of a corporation. You can make a difference and help amplify NHSNYC’s mission!

Volunteer with NHSNYC

NHSNYC organizes homeownership education courses and fairs throughout the year and we depend on volunteers to make our events and programs budget-friendly. Want to help with an event or have professional expertise in the homebuying process, savings, credit, budgeting or insurance and want to share your knowledge? Contact us at and tell us about how you’d like to get involved!

Donate Space

Throughout the year, NHSNYC offers a number of educational seminars, information sessions, orientations, and financial education classes across all five boroughs of New York City. We are always looking for local businesses to host our community-based events and trainings  to help us reach as many potential clients as possible, particularly in underserved neighborhoods. Both NHSNYC and the volunteer host advertise the events while NHSNYC provides the materials, organizes the panels and leads the discourse. If you have space you would be willing to donate to host an upcoming class, please contact us at and tell us where you are and how you’d like to help!

Invite us to your Event

We love to partner with like-minded, mission-driven organizations and companies to expand our reach and support more families and residents. If you would like to have an NHSNYC certified Homeownership Counselor participate in your upcoming community event, please reach out! We are always seeking ways to bring accessible homeownership education and counseling to aspiring homeowners across the five boroughs. Contact and tell us about your event!

Refer us to your Network

If you have family members, friends, or other people in your personal and/or professional network who could benefit from NHSNYC’s homeownership education, financial counseling, or affordable lending programs and services, please connect with us! We are here to help! Give us a call at 212-519-2500 or email us at