Our Staff


Janet Khaw, Executive Assistant to the CEO
Email: janet_khaw@nhsnyc.org

Samantha Mathurin, Manager, Research and Planning
Email: samantha_mathurin@nhsnyc.org

Amanda Parker, Manager, Resource Development and Marketing
Email: amanda_parker@nhsnyc.org

Traci Turner, Program Coordinator
Email: traci_turner@nhsnyc.org


Yelena Maslova, Accountant
Email: yelena_maslova@nhsnyc.org


Noemi Aviles, Program Manager, HomeFirst
Email: noemi_aviles@nhsnyc.org

Francine Griffith, Homeownership Specialist
Email: francine_griffith@nhsnyc.org

Rodney Newell, Homeownership Specialist, Financial Empowerment
Email: rodney_newell@nhsnyc.org

Justin George, Foreclosure Services
Email: justin_george@nhsnyc.org

Dolores Pena, Intake Specialist, Program Coordinator
Email: Dolores_Pena@nhsnyc.org


Bradley Browne, Mortgage Processor
Email: Bradley_Browne@nhsnyc.org

Will Chan, Portfolio Manager
Email: wchan@nhsnyc.org

Ceotasha Joseph-Williams, Mortgage Underwriter
Email: Ceotasha_Joseph-Williams@nhsnyc.org

Muhammad Haidar, Mortgage Loan Processor
Email: Muhammad_Haidar@nhsnyc.org